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Transport Category Aircraft and Use of the Rudder

This new bit was brought to light by 9/11, and right on its heels the unfortunate loss of AA587 on Long Island, NY. Here are six pieces of information any T-category pilot ought to know.

ALPA Safety Alert Bulletin 2001-7 regarding Aggressive Aircraft Manuevering

ALPA Safety Alert Bulletin 2002-01 on Use of the Rudder

NTSB Safety Recommendation A-02-01 and -02, dtd Feb 8, 2002

AWST Article from 4/1/02, "Crash Probe Triggers Rudder Design Scrutiny"

AWST Editorial from 4/22/2002, " AA587 It Should Not Have Been So Shocking"

Boeing Response on Rudder use

Harmonization of Paper Charts and Databases

Harmonization of Information for Pilots between Published Paper Charts and Avionics Databases

Published charts, supplemented by NOTAMS are the final authority, according to Jeppesen. Read more.

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

Link to ARINC's TCAS page, where you can download the pilot instructions for Version 7.0 of the TCAS software.


Aircraft Upset Recovery

Aerodynamics of Upset Recovery. These are the predominant documents for air carrier pilot training on upset recovery of transport category aircraft. . Be advised, however, that some of the content is being rethought in light of the rudder failure of AA587 in the fall of 2002.

Link to Boeing Aero Magazine article

Link to Airbus FAST Special Edition 6/98

Link to Veridian Upset Recovery Training website


False ILS Glideslopes

Subject: NZ 60 The "Erroneous Glideslope" Incident Video

Fellow Aviators,
                            We have put together a web site which will explain the video Air New Zealand Training has completed explaining an incident we had in July 2000 with a 767 and its encounter with an 'erroneous' glide-slope. Take a look at it on:

Any one interested in the video should contact me directly.

Chris Kriechbaum
CRM Training Co-ordinator
Flight Training

Telephone : 64 9 256 4384
Facsimile : 64 9 256 3797
Mobile: 021 311 031


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